Joshua Targownik, Founder, Mar Vista Studios




I was born in NYC to two architects. My intuition and interest in the way things work led me to Columbia University where I studied Mechanical Engineering. I worked heavily with 3D graphics, but never even thought about picking up a camera.

I moved to Los Angeles in 1999 and had a myriad of jobs, allowing my shifting curiosity to point me in the right direction. I was business analyst, graphic artist, race car fabricator, an expedition outfitter, store manager, and with luck and the right mix of skills, a car designer for Honda.

Photography had become a hobby at that point, but didn't push its way to the front of my mind until a safari in the Serengeti in 2006. When I returned from that, I started the shift from photography as a hobby to making it my career.

Since 2007 I have been a full time commercial photographer. I try and use both sides of my brain, the artistic and the analytic, to create the best possible images for my clients. 

Contact me if you'd like me to shoot a project for you.